Birth Story Healing Workshop

Mothers, fathers, and those who attend births, often experience feelings of grief, guilt, anger or depression after a birth — even when the baby is healthy. Without a built-in system to process those feelings, individuals, families and co-workers may discount the importance or validity of these feelings.

Left unresolved, negative feelings and beliefs undermine the joy and confidence of parenting, your relationship with your partner, baby, friends and work. Of equal importance is how unresolved grief undermines the confidence and enthusiasm of birth-related professionals.

If your birth story, or a birth you attended, is affecting your life postpartum or interfering with your peace of mind.   Don’t Wait. . .

This workshop is for you!  Midwife and author of Birthing From WithinTM, Pam England, developed this dynamic process.


I really want to thank you for talking with me last month about my daughter’s birth.  I can’t tell you what a difference it has made for me.  First, I feel so much better about the entire birth experience, start to finish.  Instead of focusing on the negative, I remember and draw on what I did well, and how I was strong.  I no longer wake up at night worried and upset about the experience.  Instead, I am proud about how well I recovered and moved on into motherhood.  It is amazing the difference that just an hour and a half of talking with you has made.

Moreover, the birth is now something I can draw on as a source of strength in my job as mother and even in other areas of my life.  I am proud of what I learned, how I coped, and how I grew from the experience.

Groups are limited to three participants to achieve the benefits of group and individual support.

Mothers and fathers (or birth companions) feel more comfortable and more honest when they join a group of just mothers or just fathers (or birth companions).

Rosanna is a California Licensed Midwife and a certified Birthing From WithinTM Mentor.  She has lead the BirthStory Healing process and workshop for dozens of parents and doulas,  since 2005.

Call Rosanna to schedule a session and get your questions answered about what to expect in a session.  650-964-BABY (2229)