Maeve Jordan, Midwife Intern


My interest in midwifery stems from a desire to provide excellence in maternity care and reproductive health education.  My own experience of receiving midwifery care had a deep impact on me as a mother and is a strong influence on me as a birth professional.  As an expectant mother, I knew that along with growing my baby, I was also growing a new identity, new relationships, and a new place in the world, and I felt met in all of those things by my birth team.  Trust, respect, personalized and collaborative care are the hallmarks of the midwifery care I received as well as the care I strive to provide.

I have been working at California Midwifery Service as a student intern since 2009, and I am currently a student at National College of Midwifery.  I also maintain a busy doula practice, and I am working toward Birthing From Within Certification.

My background before entering the birth world was in Therapeutic Bodywork, and I spent 13 years as a massage and craniosacral therapist and massage therapy instructor.  For the last three years of that time, I specialized in prenatal and postpartum bodywork.  The skills I developed in that profession, such as personalized assessment and care, working closely one on one with clients, and hands on skills continue to serve me as a doula and midwife student.

Words most often used to describe me are “calm,” “strength,” and “confidence.”

My strengths as a midwife student are my hands on skills and my counseling skills.  I really enjoy the connections I develop with our clients.  I especially enjoy facilitating some of our group sessions, such as our Celebrating Mothers mother/baby group and the Mothers Renewal Group, which is a monthly evening women’s circle for mothers at all stages.

I believe that guiding women to call on their unique inner resources is a powerful way to help them prepare for the mystery and challenge inherent in childbirth.  It is such an honor and a joy for me to hold space for women and for families as they pass through the gates into parenthood.