Pearl Yu, Licensed Midwife

Pearl & Avery Yu Completed Flip-Flop in Harpers Ferry November 30Pearl Yu, Licensed Midwife, has been attending births with multiple midwives in a variety of settings since 2001.  Recently, she has her own homebirth and birth center practice, providing primary care in San Francisco and the East Bay.  She is also a wise and experienced lactation counselor, including being an experienced (former) LeLeche league leader.  Pearl has worked with Rosanna off and on since they meet in 2001 as midwife students.  In recent years Pearl and Rosanna have collaborated closely, attending 75 plus homebirths together.  Pearl’s style is attentive, unobtrusive and warm, looking to the mother to direct her own care and being a solid guide with great wisdom to share when needed.  Rosanna appreciates Pearl’s breadth of experience,  advanced lactation counseling skills, sense of humor and solid clinical judgment skills.   As her schedule allows, Pearl assists at births with Rosanna and is back-up midwife, as necessary.  Pearl has one daughter, born at home with midwife, Harriet Palmer.   If you’d like to contact Pearl directly about care in San Francisco or the East Bay or for placenta encapsulation:  call 415/516-7606 or email