Birthing From Within™ 4 week series

February 4, – March 12, 2014  Register through Blossom Birth Resources

Join Rosanna Davis, Certified Birthing From Within Mentor and Midwife.  Rosanna’s BIRTHING FROM WITHIN ™ Childbirth Preparation Classes are fun and practical. Highlights include:


Birthing From Within Classroom at California Midwifery

  • Information about doulas, midwives and doctors.
  • Optimizing YOUR birth experience.
  • Nutrition pointers for optimal wellness and reducing risks and complications.
  • All you need to know about the process of labor and birth.
  • Learn robust effect practices to cope with fatigue, pain, the unknown and the unexpected.
  • A Special Class just for fathers and partners.
  • Baby care with awareness.
  • Tips for a smoother Transition to Parenthood.

Rosanna with a Birthing From Within class circa 2006

With Birthing From Within, there is not bias to birth by a particular method.  The emphasis is on birthing-in-awareness, doing your best, and cultivating a coping mindset with love and respect… however, your birth and postpartum unfolds.


Rosanna with one of the 200 babies she’s caught.

Rosanna’s been attending births actively and teaching Birthing From Within classes for 13 years.  She’s used the BFW perspective for so many years because of its dynamic nature — teaching to the needs of the groups of parents that show up, rather than sticking to a syllabus that may or may be relevant to the individuals in the class.  She also appreciates the BFW processes that address and meet the learning needs of adults and different learning styles. Rosanna also draws on her extensive experience as a midwife and doula to bring practical information to parents about preparing for birth and early parenting.  The qualities that Rosanna brings to her classes are non-judgment, calm, humor and the benefit of experience.

Call to secure a spot:  650-964-BABY (2229)