The Birth of ‘Radiant Mama’ Gatherings

Celebrate Mothers Gathering is an 8 year old service of my midwifery practice.  It’s a monthly gathering for mothers with babies of all ages and includes expectant mothers.  The value they find is in hanging out with other mothers, experiencing community, camaraderie, and shared wisdom among like minded mothers.

Recently, our conversations often includes all manner of food, cooking, nutrition, recipes and sourcing quality food.  As well, I recently purchased and viewed Chris Kresser’s Happy Baby Code.  I found it to be some of the best information I’ve seen for self-care and nutrition for optimizing fertility, maintaining healthy pregnancy, optimizing health and reducing risk of pregnancy and birth complications, nutrition for breastfeeding and introducing solid foods.

I had a brainstorm around all this:   at our recent gathering, I showed the women an introduction to the material.  Then we talked about how, yes, the information was great, but it’s the practical things they want more information about:  sharing recipes and where to buy nutrient dense foods (like raw milk and grass fed beef).  And yes, they would enjoy a field trip to my kitchen and demonstrations making things like sauerkraut, bone broths, and other more adventurous or things new to some of them.  Others more experienced were anxious to share, as well.

The other timely piece of this is that I am enrolled in Aviva Romm’s Women Herbal Educator program.  So, the other part of all this I’m very excited to share is safe and effective use of herbs for the childbearing years.

I’m moved by the possibility of co-creating this experience with the mothers who want to participate.  I’ll provide the space, access to some resources and a framework.  Each month we’ll start with some of the content from Chris Kresser or I’ll give a lesson on herbs, then we can do the practical pieces:  recipe exchange, field trip to my kitchen or farmer’s market, or lists of on-line resources for food and/or whole food supplements and herbs.

Some of the content we’ll be covering:

  • Preparing for (a first or subsequent) pregnancy and optimizing fertility
  • Optimal nutrition for maintaining pregnancy, growing a baby, reducing risks and complications for pregnancy, birth, and breastmilk production
  • First foods for baby and toddler and beyond
  • Custom tea blends from my bulk herb apothecary
  • Real food sourcing, local and on-line
  • Recipe exchange, cooking class
  • Minimizing toxin exposures
  • Supplements, to do or not to do, and which are best?
  • Pelvic floor, abdominal and back health during the childbearing years (guest speaker planned)
  • Creating a mindfulness practice amid the daily tasks of running a household and being a parent
  • Sexuality, joy and ecstasy during the childbearing years (guest speaker planned, as well)

As I said, the above is a framework and we’ll be co-creating it according to what the group wants to do around these topics.  I’m exited about it.

If you’d like to join us, please call me and I’ll fill you in on the details.  I think we’ll call it ‘Radiant Mama’.