Opening for midwife student to join California Midwifery Service

From Maeve Jordan our 3rd year midwife student about working with California Midwifery Service:

“Rosanna is a passionate life-long learner, so creating a positive environment for learning is a high priority for her.   She does this in many ways, especially always being generous with her time and support of my plans and ideas for learning activities, such as in-service workshops for skill development and continuing education opportunities.  I feel like she is just as invested in my growth and progress as I am, which creates an atmosphere of support.  As I grow in skill and experience, I really enjoy developing my autonomy as a contributing member of the team here.  This practice is unique in the Village Prenatal and Postpartum group care we offer.  I feel lucky to be learning such a powerful model for in-depth maternity care.  Having so much one-on-one access to mentoring with an experienced and accomplished midwife like Rosanna is incredibly valuable.”

Lovely pre-amble for my announcement:

Rosanna Davis, Licensed Midwife,

is pleased to announce an opening for a midwife student / apprentice

A midwife student/apprentice in our practice will:

  • gain hands-on experience providing care to our clients,
  • develop clinic assessment and judgment skills,
  • gain small business administration skills,
  • receive individual mentoring and instruction from experienced preceptor, Rosanna Davis 

Skills and clinic experience are signed off as the student/apprentice progresses through her CPM program (MBC approved) towards licensure.  As well, our practice makes many learning opportunities through midwifery education and skills in-services.  The 3rd year midwifery student/apprentice attends midwifery peer review (local to our community) and begins practicing as ‘primary under supervision’ to complete her clinic experiences necessary for certification, qualification for the NARM exam and midwifery licensure in California. 

 There will be an information session at California Midwifery office, February 19th 2-3pm: 2225 Grant Road Suite 1A, Los Altos, CA 94024

 Interested midwife students may sign up for the information session through our on-line schedule service under  Event Registration, Information Session: Student Midwife Opportunity 2/19/2014  (if the link fails go through our website at Meet Rosanna Davis, and senior midwife student, Maeve Jordan.  Get your questions answered and submit an application. 

 Our ideal candidate has the following experiences and qualifications:

  • Some college including Anatomy & Physiology (or functional anatomy) and Microbiology
  • Entry level midwifery course work (i.e. completed Heart and Hands or The Farm Midwifery Workshops)
  • Enrollment in a Medical Board of California approved midwifery program (
  • Full-time availability for a three-year commitment
  • Lives within 30 miles of our office in Los Altos
  • Has attended 25 plus births
  • Some experience running a small business or being self-employed
  • Excellent communication skills and writing/computer skills, and interpersonal skills.
  • Any of the following:  Experience as a mother, LeLeche League Leader, Nursing Mothers Council training, Childbirth Educator (big plus is Birthing From Within training), grief counselor, crisis hotline training/experience and/or peer counselor                                                               

 Notes/Disclosures/Asides:  Enrollment in a Medical Board approved school is necessary in California.  This is not an offering for clinic experiences for the Challenge Mechanism (which facilitates licensure for already experienced primary care midwives) nor for short term ‘getting numbers’.    It is a comprehensive midwifery preceptorship/apprenticeship, which in-turn, requires a committed and available student/apprentice.  Our offering goes beyond ‘passing the NARM’ and graduating from a CPM program to include development of clinical judgment skills, practice management, education in local and California standards of care, client informed consent issues and professional/medical ethics, as well as, acclimation to the birth culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As preceptor, Rosanna Davis, takes the necessary time to maintain preceptor status, review and sign paperwork, and advise the student about progressing through her program.  Rosanna has preceptored students with following programs:  National College of Midwives, National Midwifery Institute, Bastyr University Midwifery Program, and Midwives College of Utah.  It is the student’s separate responsibility to progress through the academic portion of her CPM program.  Our practice is busy enough for a full-time student to gain all of her clinic experiences. Some students also benefit from augmenting their training by doing a clinic rotation in another location (such as a high volume birth center), or attending births with one or two other midwife preceptors.