Rosanna Davis, Licensed Midwife
Mother, Midwife & Seasoned Mentor


Rosanna Davis 2019

I’ve been involved in birth and maternity care since 1981 when I attended the birth of my god-daughter. It was a very sweet event, I was nine months pregnant with my first child, Patrick, and it was on the morning of my 24th birthday. Since then I have given birth to two children, raised them to adulthood, taught childbirth classes to hundreds of couples, gone to electrical engineering school and worked in industry when I needed to be practical and earn a living.

I subsequently went to school again in my forties to train for midwifery and since have attended hundreds of births, gaining a variety of experiences in maternity care, birth, massage, prenatal yoga, and mentoring parents. I’ve provided midwifery care for planned homebirth since 2004.

My midwifery education and training took 5 years to complete — 3 years to complete the Certified Professional Midwife program through National Midwifery Institute, plus an additional 2 years apprenticing with Faith Gibson LM CPM and Donna Driscoll LM CPM, after securing a California Midwifery License.  California Licensed Midwife #180

My initial dream was to ultimately provide a group model of care, much like I experienced with midwives June Whitson and Nancy Barnett, in preparation for the homebirth of my daughter in 1983. That dream came to fruition in October 2010 with Village Prenatal Care™ – a group prenatal care experience for planned homebirth. Read more here about Village Prenatal Care.

My life experiences add depth, perspective and compassion to the care I provide families. My experiences of birth and new motherhood were humbling, joyful, and soulful. As a young mother, I gravitated toward organic whole foods, slow-food, holistic health, midwifery and home-birth.

As a midwife, I am passionate about ensuring homebirth as an option for those who want this holistic care. When homebirth is a choice made with trust and confidence, it enhances birth physiology and reduces the risk of complications. The presence of an experienced midwife with whom you have a relationship based on trust and respect further contributes to a positive birth experience.

I take special pride in being a skilled clinician, combining the wisdom of experience and intuition with extensive education and study. I’ve provided care to hundreds of families and managed all manner of variations that arise during homebirth. I go above and beyond in continuing my studies and expanding my knowledge base with additional training every year.

I have lived and practiced in the SF Bay Area for 50 plus years. This benefits my clients in the form of knowing where to turn for area resources and in fostering good relationships with other area care providers.

“Professional”, “warm” and “open” best describe my care as a midwife. Many describe me as calm and reassuring. I look to the mother to guide the labor and unfolding birth, and am ready to provide clear and confident guidance as needed. I honor the unique journey of each labor and birth, whether peaceful or fierce. I am passionate about women finding their own way, feeling empowered by their experience no matter how it unfolds. I am happy when a mother can say, “Wow, I did that. It was joyful and hard and there were surprises, AND I did the best I knew how… I was strong and brave.”

My other passion and joy is Birthing From Within parenting preparation – practical and soulful preparation for birth. Birthing From Within weaves together discussion among expectant couples, multi-sensory learning, celebration and acknowledgement of the rite of passage of birth and becoming parents. It provides a foundation of learning necessary to give birth and become a parent in modern times.

I have facilitated group learning and have mentored parents for 10 plus years. I practice and deepen my skill of facilitating groups by participating in and facilitating women’s groups that explore feminine practices, group and social dynamics. I enjoy facilitating and participating in these groups – experiencing and witnessing the well-being that arises from women gathering.

Provided upon request: Birth statistics, professional references, and curriculum vitae.

Rosanna provides midwifery care for planned homebirth throughout Alameda and San Mateo Counties. She resides in San Leandro, California. — Partial list of communities served: San Mateo, Redwood City, Woodside, San Carlos, Belmont, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, Burlingame, Milbrae, Daly City, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Oakland, Berkeley, Dublin, LIvermore, Pleasanton, Hayward, Fremont, and Portola Valley.