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Birthing From Within™ 4 week series

Register through Blossom Birth Resources. Highlights include information about doulas, optimizing YOUR birth experience, nutrition pointers for optimal wellness and reducing risks and complications, all you need to know about the process of labor and birth, a variety of ways to cope with fatigue, pain, the unknown and the unexpected, a special class just for fathers and partners, baby care with awareness and tips for a smoother Transition to Parenthood.

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Birth Story Healing Workshop

Mothers, fathers, and those who attend births, often experience feelings of grief, guilt, anger or depression after a birth — even when the baby is healthy. Without a built-in system to process those feelings, individuals, families and co-workers may discount the importance or validity of these feelings. If your birth story, or a birth you attended, is affecting your life postpartum or interfering with your peace of mind.   Don’t Wait. . .This workshop is for you! 

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Mother’s Renewal Group

Monthly support group for mothers, six (6) classes over a six month period. Guided by experienced women’s group facilitators. Learn the power of self-care; uncover the keys to balanced living; adopt “good is good enough” attitudes; manage and increase your energy; be more present with those you love and experience more joy; and get more comfortable saying no, asking for help and building a support network. Breathe. Relax. Join our supportive community. Bask in the joy of female friendship, support and companionship.

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