Village Prenatal and Postpartum Care™

Village Prenatal Care

“A fun and empowering way to get prenatal and new baby care”

A Service of California Midwifery Service
and Rosanna Davis LM, CPM

Village Prenatal Care  offers support, a place for women to air concerns about their pregnancies, and an opportunity for women to be active in their own care.  The over-all intention is to help women/couples feel a greater sense of empowerment, confidence in themselves and in their ability to care for themselves, their new baby and their family.

Once your baby is here, group care continues with Village Postpartum Care.  Twice a month we gather for mother/baby group where we share the joys of challenges of new motherhood, which includes your midwife care and wellness check-ups at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.  Some mothers continue to come for the pleasure of hearing the new mother’s birth stories and connecting with other mothers.

Every Session Includes:

  • A “Baby and Mom Check”: Blood pressure, weight, listening to baby’s heart rate, midwife checking for baby’s position and measuring mom’s belly
  • Pain coping practice
  • Time to socialize with the group
  • Snacks
  • Discussion about pregnancy with other women/couples
  • Facilitated activities related to preparing for labor/birth and parenting

Group sessions are every three weeks throughout your pregnancy. These sessions start and end on time. The calendar will help you keep track of each group session. Since you know well ahead of time when your group will meet you will be able to plan your work/school schedule and child care needs around these times.  The group sessions provide your prenatal care and will be billed in the usual way that we would bill for your prenatal care.  Childbirth education is included within the sessions.  If you have a problem between the group sessions you may call for an appointment.

As your due date approaches you will schedule additional private session with your midwife so that you will be receiving prenatal care and assessment more frequently and as needed. These individual appointments (including your 36 week home visit) will be scheduled during the week on Mondays (or Thursdays or Fridays if you are not available on Mondays).

Village Prenatal Care is modeled after group midwifery care Rosanna received from June Whitson and Nancy Barnett in the 1980s and Birthing From Within™ (BFW) childbirth preparation. Rosanna and Maeve, your group facilitators, are both experienced and BFW mentors. Rosanna will be providing the prenatal and postpartum health assessment care along with Maeve.

Why Groups?

  • Sometimes women are each other’s best teachers.
  • Sometimes questions get forgotten during one-on-one care and there is missed opportunity.
  • Sometimes in a group someone else asks a question you’ve forgot or didn’t think of, creating opportunity for exploration and discussion
  • Women do well in groups where there is shared experience, friendship and continuity of relationship.
  • The notion that women can learn from each other is powerful.
  • It can be very reassuring that other women are experiencing same things.
  • Parenting issues get discussed beyond what takes place in usual prenatal care.
  • Common discomforts are normalized and sometimes new ways to alleviate them are discovered from other women.
  • Mothers thrive in the company of other mothers.