What Our Clients Say

Inspired Confidence

My experience with Rosanna as a midwife was absolutely fantastic. She inspired me to have confidence in my own ability to have a home birth. I interviewed a number of midwives before meeting Rosanna. As soon as I walked into her office, I knew she was the one to help me birth my baby. I just felt strong in her presence. She allowed me to be me, with all my strengths and fears. The birth itself was beyond wonderful too. I barely noticed Rosanna’s and her assistant’s being there. And when a woman is giving birth, that is a good thing. I birthed a healthy baby girl before I knew it. I feel so lucky to have had Rosanna at my birth and along the way during my pregnancy.

Her Village Care program is great too. Pregnant couples get to meet every few weeks for group discussions and check-ups. I am still in touch with the women with whom I attended this group. We are attending one another’s babies’ first birthdays now!  K-L   4-4-2013

New Friends

Rosanna was the only midwife who I decided to contact after much research. What drew me in was her respect for the privacy and freedom I needed to birth at home as well as her sound clinical reasoning about when additional support would be needed. My husband and I had planned and hoped for a home birth, and in the midst of the labor, I voiced my desire to transition to the hospital. Rosanna helped with the decision process at a time when it was difficult for me to think and provided support in our decision. Her and her team (including Maeve Jordan who acted as my doula) were there with us for every minute at the hospital and supported us within the boundaries of the hospital. The CONTINUATION of care was the greatest as I received a few home visits from Rosanna and Maeve and had continous access via phone and email for breastfeeding and mental support which I so needed. The prenatal care was fabulous and the breadth of knowledge included nutritional support to mental health support and discussing fears and expectations of the birth experience. I loved the Village model and met so many wonderful new friends who I continue to connect with today postpartum. Rosanna and her team have facilitated so many wonderful experiences and open platforms for connecting and sharing that I did not have prior to the pregnancy and am sure I wouldn’t of had if I had a traditional hospital experience. Thank you with all of my heart and here’s hoping we try again the second time around! Love, I, A and baby E

5 Stars

I feel so lucky that Rosanna and the team at CA Midwifery Service attended the birth of my baby and I would highly recommend scheduling an initial consultation if you are at all considering home birth.  I’d give 5 stars to home birth in general but for this review, I’m going to focus on the services of CA Midwifery Service.

Rosanna is a skilled clinician and most importantly, I fully trusted in her professional judgement to keep me and my baby safe during the birth. I think what really sets her apart are the following:

** Seamless care
From pregnancy to the birth to post partum, I knew that Rosanna would be there. I’m glad I wasn’t facing the luck of the draw over what doctor or nurse would be on call when I went into labor.  During the challenges of birth and post partum, I was not subjected to the additional stressors of incompatible philosophies or conflicting information.

** Holistic
Being Rosanna’s clients was about way more then test results. Each appointment is long enough to chat about anything on your mind without feeling rushed.  I felt well prepared for the emotional stresses of childbirth and being a new parent. Although I was skeptical of the Village Care model at first, it won me over because it was so helpful.

** Nurturing
Rosanna knows who I am without having to review a chart first and I believe she genuinely cares about me and my family.

** Community
I met lots of great people through Village Care and I continue to enjoy meeting up with the other moms. When I needed additional help with feeding,  Rosanna helped my making a great referral through her vast networks.

** Private
I valued the privacy during labor and delivery and especially the uninterrupted bonding time with our newborn.

** Cost effective
My insurance did not cover any of Rosanna’s fees (some do) so I ended up paying 100% out of pocket. However, I still feel I received great value for money.

I’m sure all moms are grateful when a healthy baby is born without complications. However, I feel I really hit the jackpot by choosing Rosanna and her assistants for my birth team.

Group Appointments

California Midwifery Service is an amazing group of midwives, assistant midwives, and teachers, that really helped me though my pregnancies.  At first I was nervous about group meetings and appointments, but I immediately felt welcome and supported by both CMS and the other pregnant ladies and partners.  During the group appointments we would get to learn about a topic (such as nutrition during pregnancy, pain coping techniques, etc) from the experienced team led by Rosanna Davis, and we would also have free discussion to talk and share our pregnancy experiences.  It really helped me to know that others were going through similar issues and to hear their stories.  It was amazing when the moms and partners would bring their new babies back to share their birth stories.  I thought about these beautiful stories and empowered ladies when I was in labor, and it gave me strength.

I highly recommend the CMS team and the group appointments!


Although it has been almost four months since the arrival of our little girl, in passing these packages to you, I remain incredibly awed and grateful that I was able to stumble across and be accepted into your practice during the last stage of my pregnancy.  Watching you guys at work gave me a profound lifelong appreciation for the work of a midwife.  It is truly a calling and the sense of grace and patience with which you go about a challenging yet momentous line of work fills me with wonder and gratitude that there are folks out there like you!  Thank you for all you have done for our family, for being true during the long day and night of labor, for making that all important call to transfer to the hospital and most importantly for the safe arrival of our most precious baby girl.  We can never thank you enough!  Much love and gratitude A, R, and LR


Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided to me and our family during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  It was a wonderful experience overall and I think the home birth was a big part of the reason that our transition to a family of 5 has been so smooth (so far, anyway).  Thank you again and we hope you enjoy the Peet’s coffee- especially for those middle-of-the-night births like mine!  Love S, K, and the Boys


I cannot say enough wonderful things about California Midwifery Services, Rosanna Davis & her associates. She & her associates have provided me with excellent care for my growing family…even before it was growing, with pre-conception counseling and nutrition guidance, all the way through my prenatal care…to my delivery sometime in the next few weeks!!! (…And beyond with breastfeeding support and mom’s groups)

I really enjoy my appointments, as I have plenty of time to have ALL my concerns met & questions answered, and in a way that is personalized to suit my needs. They have really nailed ‘individualized care’! I would recommend California Midwifery Services to anyone of my expecting friends, as well as utilize their services again, should I need them. 😉 A.J.


It is hard to put in words how wonderful it was to give birth to my son at home.  It was empowering yet challenging journey and one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Rosanna made this possible for me–with her as my midwife I felt the confidence that YES, I could birth my baby at home; YES, I could do it without painkillers, YES, my baby would be safe and well cared for!

Rosanna helped me through both of my pregnancies (see my review on YELP! for California Midwifery Service for more on that!).  I ended up having a hospital birth for my daughter (early induction due to complications) but Rosanna was there for me during that challenging hospital experience and I was able to have the natural, drug-free birth that I wanted.

During my second pregnancy, I was anxious about having to go back to the hospital.  Rosanna and her team helped me work through my anxiety and I was so happy that I was able to have the home birth I wanted!  I felt so supported and so safe.  My family had such wonderful bonding time with our new little one, right in our home!  Thank you, Rosanna!

Beyond Explanation

You have truly been a gift in my life. Before my husband and I decided to explore home birth my view of the world was dictated by a sense of incredible fear and vulnerability. I was uncertain of my own strength and the resolve of those around me to nurture and care for me. You have blessed our family with a change in view so profound it is beyond explanation. Your compassion led me to risk my vulnerability and in return I gained an enormous amount of inner strength and the courage to trust others. This made me a better friend, mother, wife, and woman. The unconditional positive regard you have shown over the past few weeks has been life changing. Thank you, S

Simply Amazing

Rosanna delivered my happy healthy baby girl on July 21 (one week early from her EDD). We were so fortunate that she and Treesa were available to come to our home and provide the perfect birth experience for us. Originally we had planned for a waterbirth, but since I had confused labor pains for a case of bad food poisoning, we did not have enough time to set up the birthing tub.

My experience with having a midwife throughout my pregnancy was a positive one. At one point due to health concerns in my 37th week, I had to seek the help of an OB and had them as back up if it was decided my birth would not be a safe and normal one.

After my baby was born, Rosanna and Treesa were called away to another birth, but made sure I was well taken care of and had Jennifer (another wonderful part of the California Midwifery team) come stay with us.

If I could, I would give 10 or more stars to everyone at California Midwifery. The quality of care was far better than any that I’ve ever received at an obstetrician’s office and just as thorough. J.


My first, and only, birth experience was a fantastic homebirth that I will never ever forget. It was also over 16 months ago, so this review is quite late.

Rosanna was the attendant and she was very laid back and hands off. She really allowed me to take control and birth in my own way and was there to guide me but not push me in any direction. She was always there but her presence was low-key and unassuming, which is what I needed as an independent person.

After 15 hours my baby boy was delivered underwater and then I was able to cut the cord (very satisfying) and take a shower and lie in my own bed. Rosanna was skillful with the minor stitches I required as well.

Most amazing of all was her dedication to helping me nurse. I had difficulty with getting my baby to latch on and she came by every day for 5-6 days to check on us. I was able to breastfeed for over 14 months due to her attentive help in the beginning. RR


On Sunday morning I started leaking amniotic fluid. My midwife was not only out of town five hours away, but her car had also broken down. Plus I wouldn’t officially be 37 weeks until Monday. So I had a long chat with her discussing strategy. I decided to get in bed and take it easy and hopefully the leak would stop and I would stay pregnant another week or so. My husband headed out with the girls to buy an infant carseat, and I slept and read and did nothing much. And the fluid kept coming out. I did have some completely painless BH type contractions but nothing else seemed to be happening. My midwife talked to her midwife colleague, Rosanna, ( who was also our doula last time) and found out she was going to be available starting Sunday evening. So Sunday evening I spoke with her and she got her car packed up so she would be ready to come any time during the night.

The girls and my husband came home, their car seat search successful. The girls took a nap. When they woke up they helped my husband install the car seat and put together the stroller. The day passed uneventfully and after the standard bedtime routine we all went to bed.

Around midnight I woke up with some contractions I could feel. I was tired but decided to go into the other room so I wouldn’t wake up the girls if I couldn’t get back to sleep. The contractions were picking up a pretty good pace, lasting 45-60 seconds and every 3-4 minutes. I thought about calling Rosanna and decided I was just too tired for this to be the real thing. Also the girls wanted to be woken up to see the baby being born, and since Monday was their first day of school, and I knew if they woke up to see the baby being born at 1 or 2 a.m. that it was possible they would never quite get back to sleep and Monday would then be impossible. So I tossed and turned a bit, and then found a way to lie down that seemed to slow down the contractions. And amazingly went back to sleep.

Woke up again around 2 a.m. and then again 3 a.m. with the contractions becoming harder to ignore. Got out the big blue exercise ball and bounced. The counter pressure felt good. At that point I think I might have been able to start pushing, but again 3 a.m. seemed just too early to have the baby and I managed to nap some more.

At 4 a.m. things were quite painful, and there was no more napping. It was almost 5 a.m. and the girls woke up, and I could not soothe them back to sleep and deal with the contractions (“Mama, why are you crying? Why are you saying ‘ow'”), and I called the Rosanna and said I would really like her to come over. I was in some amazing denial though, because I told her I still wasn’t sure things were really going yet. But once off the phone I realized that I might feel a lot better if I tried pushing. And then I realized the baby was on his way out, and because it hurt so much, I was worried maybe he had flipped to breach, and I was scared to push without the midwife there, so I held back through some more really painful contractions while she drove over.

I woke my husband up too, and when I started yelling ouch, he would start timing the contraction. And when I stopped, he would check with me that it was over. And then when he did it the next contraction I snapped at him that he didn’t need to time them, because in my mind it was so obvious that the baby was going to arrive any minute. He went to turn on the porch light for Rosanna, and it was blown out so he got a light bulb to change it. I tried to call to him between contractions and tell him to put some pads on the bed for me but he couldn’t hear me, so I continued to bounce on the ball trying to keep the baby in longer. Rosanna arrived about 20 minutes after I called her, and as soon as she was in the door, I asked my husband to put down some pads. He did and next contraction I was on the bed pushing.

Rosanna said the baby was coming. I asked her if he was head first and she said yes. That being settled, I felt a lot better about pushing. Some pushes I didn’t do much, and was so glad to be home where no one told me how to push better on the next one. After ten or so contractions the baby’s head was out. Even though my water had already broken, he was born in the caul, with the membranes still over his head. Rosanna removed them and before his body was even born he started talking to us, making little chatty sounds. Two more pushes and his shoulders rotated and he came the rest of the way out. Rosanna passed him up to me between my knees and in a moment I saw I had a baby boy. My daughters got to watch the whole thing.

We all just hung out for a bit. I held Leif and he wasn’t interested in nursing yet. After a while, my husband cut the cord. It was tough, hard to cut through even with the special scissors. Then Rosanna moved the clamps closer to Leif’s body and did a second cut to make the cord short. I handed Leif to my husband, and then, since I didn’t feel any more contractions or urge to push, got up on my knees, and the placenta mostly just slid out. Rosanna rinsed it off and then brought it back and showed it to us, and showed the girls the amnion and chorion and where the baby had been inside, and then she wrapped it up and put it in the freezer.

The midwife did a thorough physical exam of Leif and based on that thinks he was about 39 weeks. My due date of Sept. 19 was based on my LMP, which was probably not very accurate in this case. At any rate, it is kind of amusing that I carried my twins to 38 weeks, and my singleton supposedly only to 37. And also that he was born exactly at 37 weeks, the earliest possible to have a midwife attend a homebirth. Seems just too darn efficient.

The rest of the morning was just holding Leif. And then it was time for the girls to go to school, as it was the first day of the new school year for them. So I am surprised but delighted to have another August baby. Though I had really made up my mind that I was going to have an autumnal equinox baby. It was quite the adjustment from Sunday morning when even though fluid was leaking, my husband and I just couldn’t fathom having a newborn in the next 24 hours, to him being born and still the feeling of disbelief for a day or so afterwards. My husband says it is all fine and well that we had Leif now, but he still expects to see me pregnant when he looks at me, and that he still thinks he is going to have a newborn in three weeks. Nope, don’t think so, only one this time around.

The girls are doing really well with Leif. Mostly I have a lot to learn about how to find ways for them to help out. They are very eager to be able to touch and hold him. Which is a bit overwhelming if I don’t find ways to redirect them. My husband is able to take some time off of work, and has been doing everything except nurse the baby. And most importantly he takes the girls out for almost the whole day, and I get to just relax with Leif.

My girls kept asking afterwards, “What did you say while the baby was being born?” And I have to say, “Ow, ow, it hurts, ow”. And then tell them that it hurt when the baby was being born but that I don’t mind, and that it doesn’t hurt now, and that it doesn’t hurt for everyone, that every birth is different.

Before I head back to lurkdom, I just wanted to wish the rest of the pregnant mama’s everywhere wonderful, powerful births. I have seen labor compared to a marathon. Which makes me think of the baton that is passed off during a relay race. Here is my outstretched hand, passing the baton off to the next mama. K.J-K.